22 Sep 2015

New Fall Hours

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Tuesday – Friday   10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm


Sunday  &  Monday

Every  “Third”   Thursday


27 Jun 2015

Red, White and Booyah!

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The NCC crew is taking the Independence Day holiday weekend off.

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 4.04.27 PM

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been running a much smaller, tighter, more talented and beautiful crew this year, so we’re giving the whole bunch some extra time off to spend time with family, go on adventures, take 100 naps, and sing the national anthem. Probably.

We will be closed Friday, July 3rd through Monday, July 6th. 

We will return to work on Tuesday, July 7th fully refreshed and ready to serve you no matter how sunburned we are.

Enjoy the holiday safely. Go for a good ride or two.

Happy Birthday, America.



28 Apr 2015

The Trek QR Recall Update: Trek wants to give you $20 and save your life. Isn’t that nice?

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It’s in the humble opinion of this small town bicycle retailer that this whole debacle around Trek recalling “almost a million bicycles” is a blessing in disguise. That’s probably not the case for Trek as a company, but for NCC and its affected customers, there’s something to be gained here.

When else, in the history of bikes, did you ever get $20 for visiting a store to fix what isn’t even broken?

And if you’re among the millions of Trek’s consumers not affected by the recall, now is a fine time to take a good look to make sure your quick-release is installed correctly.

If you’re unfamiliar with the recall, it was announced last week that Trek is recalling approximately 900,000 bikes. A small number of cases, one of which ended in serious injury, led Trek and the CPSC to issue a recall on bikes with disc brakes made between 2000 and 2015. The affected models feature a quick-release lever that can open past 180° and get caught in the disc if the QR is not installed properly. The details have been poorly reported by a number of media sources. We really think this article sums it up nicely.

To clarify:

The bikes are not defective.
The QR’s are not defective.
Your bike will not explode if it was made by Trek.
The bikes affected are safe if the QR is installed correctly.

Trek has been extremely proactive in equipping their dealers to be ready to take care of their customers. We have the replacement QR’s in stock and ready to go for you. So how to do you know if your bike is affected?

Is your bike a Trek?
08-trek-6500-730035 copy

Does it have disc brakes?

Does your QR open past 180°?


If you answered “Yes” to all three questions… you WIN!

Your prizes include a free visit to the bike shop, a new-and-improved extra-safe quick-release, and $20 in-store credit towards any Bontrager product. Bring your whole bike in, please.

And if we haven’t seen you in a while, it will be good to catch up.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 815.758.2403 or send an email to rideaway@northcentalcyclery.com.

28 Apr 2015

Giro New Road’s newest outpost.

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NCC is proud to announce a new partnership with Giro Sport Design.


Giro is one of the most ubiquitous brands in the cycling world, yet still remain iconic. For the last number of years, we have watched as they have successfully steered cycling style in new directions and married on-bike and off-bike fashion with their New Road line of apparel. Simply put, they won us over as customers. We wanted their stuff. And as we listened, we heard that you did, too.

Giro was looking for a new partner, too. They hadn’t found a good home for their New Road apparel in the region, yet. They wanted a shop that told a different story. They came for a coffee and here we are.


As we tried to figure out what of their enormous selection we would bring in, it became apparent to us that we loved the products in their line that offered solutions. Here’s a problem – cycling clothing tends to be pretty ugly. Solution – make it not ugly. We all want to look like a flashy hot dog when we go ride bikes, but frankly, I often feel like a technicolor bratwurst. Not everyone wants to be advertising. Giro New Road tells a different story. Better colors, great materials, smart features.


Here’s another problem – cyclists have to go potty. Solution? Make mens and women’s bib shorts that make it possible to use the restroom without completely disrobing. Revolutionary! (Seriously, the women’s Ride Halter Bib is the best cycling product since, like, forever).

One of the most exciting introductions with the Giro line is a few helmet options featuring M.I.P.S. technology. You can see some of these in the store now. Come in, grab one, and look inside. You’ll see an inner shell with what appears to be a handful of little buttons. Concussions are caused by the brain rotating within your skull. Upon impact, these buttons disengage and allow the inner shell to shift slightly – allowing your skull to rotate just enough to (ideally) match the velocity of your brain. If that sounds confusing, you should check out their site, because I’m just a guy who sells bikes.


We have brought in a number of Giro’s unique shoes and gloves as well. They are stunning and comfortable. Imagine a cycling shoe that is genuinely attractive and functional. Actually, you don’t have to imagine it, we have them in the store. The Rumble and Terraduro models stand apart. Giro’s Alpineduro is the first shoe to mesh the tech and style of legit hiking boots with the growing adventure cycling scene. Very cool.


We’ve already had a great response to the new stuff in the store. Please stop in soon and check it out.

Isn’t time for something new?



09 Apr 2015

2016 Trek Farley – The Future of Fat – 27.5×4, Carbon & Kids!

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Trek Bikes released their 2016 line of Farley fatbikes this morning and they’re looking sharp. Real sharp.

They are attacking the category from all angles – affordability, wheel sizes & tire clearance, drivetrain freedom, carbon for the racers and even a couple for the kids.

We’re not www.bikeinfonerdoverload.com, so we’ll just give you a quick glimpse at the line.

Let’s start with the kiddos: The new Trek Farley 24. It’s a pricey pony, but I guarantee it’ll make some princes and princesses very happy.



The new Farley 5 comes in at a great price and the spec sheet doesn’t disappoint. It features Bontrager’s new Barbegazi 4.7 tires. Continuing with their trend of naming fat tires after mythical winter beasts, the Barbegazi is a mythical ice gnome of Swedish & French origin, uppenbarligen! 

At ~$1799, it’s loaded with goodies, including new Haru carbon fork  with alloy steerer.



The 2016 Farley 7 is an eye-catcher. It’s a 1×11 wonder machine.



And then we have something totally wild, the Farley 9, complete with a new wheel & tire standard: 27.5 Fat, and Bluto suspension. I smell a unicorn here. ~$3300. Wow.




The 2016 Trek Farley 9.8 and 9.6 feature Trek’s 1900g carbon fat frameset (MD) and slick specs. The 9.8 will come with the 27.5 Hodag tires mounted on a new carbon rim they’re calling the Wampa (yes!).

Asset_320702 (1)



There are a ton more details about these bikes that will be trickling out from Trek soon.

It’s funny to say, but get ready for next winter. It’s going to be a fun one. If any of these catch your eye, we are taking orders. We offer no guarantees for availability unless you secure one via pre-order. Sure, we say that all the time, but this time, we’re just as almost totally serious about it.