19 Dec 2014

Holiday Hours at NCC

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Happy Holidays from the NCC Crew!

We’ll be taking a few days off this month to spend time with family and put our feet up a little.

We’ll be closing at 3pm on Christmas and New Year’s Eves and then closed on the holidays themselves.

To put it numerically:

12/24 10am-3pm

12/25 Closed

12/31 10am-3pm

1/1/15 Closed

We hope you enjoy your holidays and we hope to see you soon.


17 Dec 2014

The New Salsa Anything Cage HD

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Salsa has released a new rendition of their Anything Cage, the Anything Cage HD.

2014-12-17 09.23.14

It’s made of impact-resistant nylon and features a lower, more robust, and less “antlery” profile than previous versions.

2014-12-17 09.22.39

It has a similar weight to the older AC, around 150g. But I’d say it’s much better.

2014-12-17 09.31.56

I like the lower, shallower curve to the cage, and there is a definite sense of invincibility to it.

2014-12-17 09.34.22

It will function exactly the same as the old one, fitting the “Three-Pack” bolt pattern, and useful for carrying drybags, canteens, sleep systems, or cyclindrical containers of any sort.

2014-12-17 09.25.36

The HD means “Hello Dolly”… maybe.

Or certainly “Heavy Duty”,

Or I’d like to think “Hold Dat”,

Or “High Density”,

Or “Hot Dang”, probably.

I’d say it totally crushes the old version, but that’s just me.

2014-12-17 09.41.01


16 Dec 2014

NCC on TV on the Internet: The Sportsman Channel & Cogburn bikes.

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Mike and Dory Schoby from Petersen’s Hunting and the Sportsman Channel were here at NCC a few months ago preparing for an incredible adventure program called Border to Border and we had the opportunity through our friends at Cogburn Outdoors to get them set up with a pair of fully-loaded CB-4’s for their trip from Mexico to Alaska.


The bikes were going to be an essential tool for a few hunts in New Mexico, Colorado, and Alaska, allowing them to get out into the backcountry quietly and efficiently with their gear. We decked out these bikes to carry as much gear as the bike would functionally allow. The adventure featured an incredible amount of cool gear. You can check out out the full gear list here. The capacity of the CB-4 is really quite impressive.

Mike and Dory were great folks to meet and I hope our paths cross again.

2014-08-01 20.42.12

As as added bonus to their viewers and to our customers, we shot a short video teaching them how to fix a flat out on the trail. Keep this one bookmarked for handy access in the future.


We’d like to thank Bobby at Cogburn, and of course the Schoby’s, for this great opportunity. We were honored to be included and are excited to partner with people using bikes in new and exciting ways.

13 Nov 2014

The NCC Winter Clinic – introducing 45NRTH Sturmfist Gloves

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We hosted our 3rd annual Winter Clinic on November 6th and it was probably the best clinic we’ve ever had.

Not just the best Winter Clinic, but the best clinic overall, ever. We had 65 souls come out to learn the tech and technique behind makes winter riding safe and enjoyable. We used our split format again, with a longer session first and then three smaller sessions covering various topics such as lights, tires, fatbikes, fat flat fixes, and then mini-clinics by 45NRTH and Gore Bike Wear.

Due to some serendipitous timing, we were ecstatic to have 45NRTH bring the very first arrivals of their new Sturmfist gloves. The product went live this morning, so our clinic attendees were the among the first in the world to get their hands on and in them. We were able to take pre-orders after fitting them in the actual gloves. We had to make the whole room pinky swear not to take pictures, and not even talk about the gloves until the public launch. I am proud to say our community has that kind of integrity.



Because we’re addicted to the frenzy of it all, we called in our friend and favorite videogician, Seth Deming, to get footage of the clinic and get the immediate reaction to the product. It was a fun opportunity to ask people what keeps them from riding and what gear they’d like to get, only to surprise them with a solution to one of the most common complaints – cold and numb hands. Check out the video to hear what people said and get the full scoop on the Sturmfist from 45NRTH’s own Kurt Barclay:

Ironically, despite shooting an hour of HD footage, we did not capture a single decent photo of the event. We did, however, capture a bunch of blurry ones (I was nervous – public speaking does that).

2014-11-06 18.47.01

We were also lucky to have Kevin from Gore Bike Wear and Eric from Salsa Cycles on site to share their latest wares. The new clinic format enabled everyone to get up close with the people and products from our visiting vendors. As is our experience with every Winter Clinic, we were inspired by everyone’s interest and passion to continue riding into the winter and embrace the season instead of just hibernating. The whole NCC crew was charged up after the event.

Thank you to all of our attendees, vendors, and friends who made the night so incredibly special.


23 Oct 2014

Big Marsh Mashdown

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Last Saturday, Chad and I played hooky from the bike shop and ventured to the forgotten land of post-industrial Chicago to check out the Big Marsh Mashdown. The Big Marsh Project is revitalizing an otherwise unavailing plot of land on Chicago’s south side and creating something quite incredible.

We’re excited to watch the Big Marsh Project develop and succeed. It’s exciting to see that large of endeavor taking place so close to home. Illinois has a serious deficiency when it comes to mountain bike terrain, so I really like the concept of building our own mountains. The Big Marsh Project is going to revitalize a forgotten area with engaged visitors and ultimately get more people riding bikes more often. That’s something we can get behind and we think you should, too.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 2.43.53 PM

I’ve written up a little review of the day over on the Axletree blog. Click here to check it out! It was a muddy good time.