26 Feb 2015

Jeff Jones Custom Titanium Diamond Truss Complete

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Silver and Gold.
Make it all silver and gold.


It’s not often we get to go all out with a project like this one, but the best part of this project is the fact that this bike is no trophy. This isn’t a piece of art for the wall. This bike will see parts of the country very few riders have been.

Howard is no foreigner to adventure. He’s crossed the country a couple times and logged countless touring miles in shorter trips in the course of his lifetime. It’s been a pleasure to work with him on this. Our initial meeting was sometime last summer. He and his brother-in-law, Brian, rolled up to NCC in full touring mode. We always stop the show to greet touring riders, and when we asked him where he was headed, he said, “Here”. They had ridden from Madison just to see the shop and maybe test ride a Jeff Jones. That was a fun day.

Months later, he emailed me and said he was ready to start talking about the project. He came equipped with a spreadsheet and a page full of questions for me. It was a blast. We went down the list of ideas, components, concepts, and preferences. It was fascinating to be on that end of the questions. Usually, I’m the one with the spreadsheets and the questions.

He and Brian visited a couple times this winter. Brian had done his own research and picked up a couple bikes himself, one for mountain touring and one for winter sanity (fatbike). As Howard took definitive steps towards this project, I let him take my Jones home with him for a couple weeks to fine tune his expectations for the build.

As we compiled the spec, the common themes were “invincible” and “stunning”. Every part of this is one or the other or both. What else could you expect out of a bike with Titanium and Diamond in the name.


We were excited to see the timing work out for us to include some of the freshest 29plus components on the market. We had originally spec’d a different rim for build, from a vendor we had hitherto trusted in this category, but Jeff Jones himself convinced us to give the WTB Scraper rims a try. They proved to be perfect. They fall into the “invincible” category here. The new Bontrager Chupacabra tires will still warm when they came in. The obvious solutions came to mind when it came to certain parts: Chris King headset and rear hub, Thomson stem, Salsa Ti Regulator post, King Kages in titanium, and the most apropos chain on the market.


This was a unique opportunity for us and we’re thankful for it. It has been a fun winter of cool builds and new customers. We’re very excited to the community come out of hibernation soon, though.

Enjoy the full gallery of this precious metals build on our Flickr page here.

Stay gold.


26 Feb 2015

The NCC Throat Coats

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Our Spring Bundles are starting to arrive in homes this week.

If you didn’t get one, we’ll have you know that a very very very limited number snuck into the bike shop this week, too. No promises they’ll last long, but it’s worth giving us a call.

We did order in a separate batch of NCC Throat Coats, which are super cozy and comfy. We have a pile of those in the shop or you can order them online here. As you can see, they make a great pair with our Hot Head caps.



10 Feb 2015

The NCC Story – for those of you just joining us…

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For those of you just tuning in, I thought it would be a good idea to catch you up on the story.

I realized last year that I think about all the goings-on of NCC as a linear story, and I forget that we have people coming into that story at all different points. Sometimes we share things on the internet without explaining what they are or how they fit into what we are doing here. That’s a disservice to those who are just checking us out for the first time, so I thought I’d recap some of our history to keep us all on the same page.

We have a saying. “We’re not in retail, we’re in construction; we might sell bikes, but we build community.” That may sound lofty or foo-foo, but that statement is a result of over ten years of reflection. Bikes are a commodity (gasp!). They are inanimate objects with no soul. But when someone buys a bike, starts riding, rides with friends and family, and has fun doing so, then there’s momentum. Then there’s something special. Then there’s something we can get behind.

The Custard Cruise is a family classic.

The Custard Cruise is a family classic.

We started in 2004, when Big Frank bought the existing DeKalb Cyclery and brought me in as manager to start North Central Cyclery. I was as green as could be. Truly – I had no idea what I was doing, but I had reckless energy, a woman I wanted to marry, and nothing else going on. Read more

07 Feb 2015

Bizmarks™ and Beyond

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When we launched the new NCC branding last year, we shared some of the heritage that inspired the design and some of the philosophy behind it. One of main parts of the new identity is the idea of craftsmanship and tactile quality. We are putting that philosophy into action more and more. This project was a new frontier for us…

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30 Jan 2015

The NCC Spring Bundle

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We’re trying something new this spring.

We’re working with a company called Podiumwear to offer a limited edition NCC Spring Bundle. Podiumwear has some deep history in custom activewear coming from a line of Nordic Ski clothing worn by multiple Olympians. They know cold. They know sweat. And it’s all made in Minnesota.

They helped us design a simple kit with some of our NCC style.

We’re offering a mid-weight long-sleeve jersey, a stout wind vest with a nice tall collar, and a custom NCC print neck gaiter. I don’t know about you, but I’m over the moon about that gaiter.

NCC Spring Bundle

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