The NCC Logo Story

Originally posted on April 7, 2014 by the previous owners, this explains the evolution and unveiling of the current North Central Cyclery Logo.  As new owners in 2015, we have chosen to keep picture logo as the symbol of NCC.  Continue reading below for the origin.    ~  The Paul Family, 10/29/15



Geographically, there are few more recognizable figures of the American Arts & Crafts movement than Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright’s Mission and Prairie Styles are deeply rooted in the movement and hold true to the value on the craft, the process, and the longevity of design. When we started looking into Prairie Style window patterns, we knew we had found something we could work with. The style was laden with geographical meaning.

So we started sketching.

We knew there were a few elements we wanted to include – horizon, hope, direction, and, if we had to, bikes. And different points along the way, I had to be reminded it was ok that it didn’t have a bike in it. And while it does actually have a couple bike references, they are not obvious.

The bottom pane came first. The crop rows and flat horizon is a contextual necessity. It is also a radial spoke pattern and a similar pattern to the wood floor in the shop.

The logotype we chose was a lesser-known cousin in the font family we’ve been using for years that evoked some of the Prairie style we were looking for.

The top pane is a bit more complex.We played with different horizon ideas, arrow patterns, barn shapes, and rays. In the end, we are very happy with it. The most noticeable shape is the three arrows/chevrons pointing “Onward and Upward” (North and Central), which resemble the sharrows you might see on the road or in a bike lane. That same pattern also looks like a row of homes, which is meant to depict community. The central columnar shape is that of a front fender over a tire viewed from above. The whole logo has a directional, ascending movement that ultimately points to the top border, an eternal horizon, which represents everything else we like to talk about over a good cup of coffee after a long ride.

It’s all there if you look at it.

Thank you,

Tobie & the NCC Crew