06 Aug 2013



45NRTH has done it again.

Earlier this month, they released the next level in “off-season” cycling comfort and performance with the FASTERKATT. (Pronounced Fah-stur-kaht, like Faster Katt)

It’s a Fall and Spring cyclocross, commuting, and training shoe for wet, muddy, chilly conditions.

From 45NRTH:

FasterkattDesigned with the 25 to 45 degree Fahrenheit range in mind, the Fasterkatt is ideal for the weather up to and all the way through the traditional cyclocross season time of year. Aimed at providing protection in the sorts of conditions that would typically make a rider grab shoe covers, while eliminating the need for that bulky addition to your foot altogether.

  • Constructed with a waterproof membrane and rubberized textile shell that extends above the ankle to offer weather protection in the wettest and muddiest of conditions
  • Microglass rubber technology to enhance surface traction while walking or running on slippery surfaces
  • Proprietary insole features arch support and heat-reflective aluminum with wool felt to keep feet warm

Editor’s note: I really like the idea of a whole bunch of cyclists wearing Fasterkatts burning their neoprene shoe-covers in joyous celebration. It’s just an idea, don’t judge me. I know burning neoprene is bad for the environment… but it’s so entertaining!

Last year, 45NRTH unleashed the best winter cycling boot ever made in the history of mankind. The Wolvhammer was and still is in a league of its own when it comes to deep winter riding. Never before had there been a boot with such a pedigree, combining the best sense in cycling gear with the best tech in outdoor gear.

The Fasterkatt will have a more performance-oriented fit and feel. It will not fit the same as the Wolvhammers. From 45NRTH’s David Gabrys, “The last on the Wölvhammer was the Extra Wide EE last, which has a taller profile on top of the foot. This is so we could pack more insulation on top of the foot where blood flows to the toes. The last on the Fasterkatt is a performance last with a wide profile on the forefoot, but there is much less vertical volume on top of the foot. We also have an insole with arch support, which provides a much more performance-oriented fit. The Fasterkatt actually has less volume on top of the foot than the Wölvhammer.”

NCC has a limited number of Fasterkatts, Wolvhammers, and the new Wolvhammer “Flat” (non-SPD) boots on the way. The best way to procure a pair of any of these is to give us a call and claim one of the pairs coming in by placing a deposit. We can help you size a pair. We expect them to arrive in late September or early October. They cost money. First come, first served.


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