Bicycle Repair & Maintenance

The below list of bicycle repairs is not an exhaustive list....we know that bicyles are a complex being and can have many things happen to them. This is just a quick snapshot of our most used/most requested basic a la carte repairs.  Also, please keep in mind, any prices quoted over the phone for repairs are based on the specific part,  not the diagnosis of your bike and its specific needs.  NCC will not diagnose any repair needs or quote an exact price for your bike over the phone or without inspecting the bike in person. We do not charge to inspect/assess the bike in person to determine repair needs.

Common Bicycle Repairs/A La Carte

Flat Tire Fix = $12 per wheel

Brake Adjust = $12 per wheel

Derailleur Adjust = $12 per wheel

Wheel True = $25

Bike Assembly = $100

Box to Ship = $100


Tune Up Menu

BASIC = $79     adjust derailleurs, adjust brakes, true wheels, safety and tire check, full lubrication, surface wipe down.

STANDARD = $129    A complete TNT service PLUS Removal of rear cassette, chain rings, and chain for thorough cleaning with our ultrasonic drive train cleaner, and re-installation.

DELUXE = $199    A complete TNT and Immortal service PLUS overhaul bearings,and a full cleaning.

PREMIUM = $269  A complete TNT , Immortal  and Deluxe service PLUS full recable, including all parts (new cables and housing)


“Other” NEW services

    • Pick-up/Delivery on bikes with repair or maintenance service. (restrictions apply, please call store for details)
    • participating shop.
    • used bike estimates
    • Wet Suit Repair
    • Ultrasonic Drive Train Cleaning system
    • Trek Precision Fit Program, “Your Fit Defined”: This program includes a system to better equip you and fit your body specifically to your bike.  This personal ftting experience will address your specific needs, giving you a tailor made solution to proper posture and better position on your bike. The complete assessment will include: the interview, physical assessment, starting positions, shoe set up, lower body setup, upper body setup, recording, advising and follow up, and the complete fit form to take home. Included in this fit session is the Trek Pressure Analysis Tool, the latest technology to help you visualize your pressure distribution across any saddle, on any bike. This tool helps you get in the right position, with the right saddle, in just one session.