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Warranties and Registration


Registering your bike locally is free and easy. If your bike is stolen and recovered, the police can look up the registration and return the bike to you. It’s a free service through the Police Dept. Take your receipt down to the station and ask to register. They’ll need the make, model, color, and serial number of the bike as well as your contact info. They’ll give you a semi-permanent reflective sticker for your bike. It’s good to place this in a less-than-obvious location on the bike (think under the down tube or on the bottom of the seat tube facing the rear tire). Another idea is to etch or permanently mark the bike somehow and write that on your registration card at the Police Station.

And if the worst case scenario happens...and your bicycle is stolen, in addition to contacting the police, don't forget to contact all the bicycle shops and sports resale shops in your area. Shady people have been known to come to a bike or resale shop to try to sell what they stole or even repair it.  Any information you can provide the retailers may be helpful.


At NCC, we select our products to serve our customers and we stand behind those products. We uphold all manufacturers warranties to the best of our ability and in some cases beyond. Our primary vendors have excellent warranties. Check out their support pages for more info:


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